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Guided help in an accounting software assists users through a real job by:

  • Highlighting of controls
  • Step by step instructions
  • Additional help boxes can be opened
  • Error grasping

There are tour guides and help boxes built into accounting software. When an accounting software is specifically designed for small business owners, it is built with an aim of simplicity. New users can also operate accounting software with an ease. The software is made more accessibly simple by built-in help boxes. Small business owners can use the small business accounting and bookkeeping software themselves.

Small business accounting requires some standard procedures in accounting and bookkeeping. A small business accounting software must have the following controls built into the software:

  • Income and Expense
  • Financial statements
  • Cash flow statements
  • Balance sheets
  • Fixed assets
  • Budgeting
  • Payroll
  • Taxation matters
  • Inventory management
  • Sales management
  • Customer management

Special guided help boxes in small business accounting software

Guided help boxes in small business accounting make the work easier and less time-consuming.

Guided help box to avoid error in entries

There are special features to eradicate typographic errors when accounting and bookkeeping in small business.

Now, the basic accounting software also comes with some special built-in features. If there is any difference in financial statements, the software will highlight the error. Small dialogue boxes are opened to guide where the error can exist. If one is not able to understand then they can access help boxes built into the software. You can get instructions using that ‘help’ feature. If the balance sheet does not match with cash flow statements or financial statements, a guide box opens to recheck entries. Such features reduce the chance of typographic errors.

Inventory management

If the business product is going out of stock, a special help box will keep giving you reminders until you get a fresh stock and enter the data into the software.

In some software, the near ending stock will be highlighted to inform users to plan for their next purchase.

Expiry management

When you are doing a business of finished products or raw materials, everything has an expiration date. A standard rule is to follow the principle of ‘first in, first out’.

But accounting software also collects expiration dates and give intimation of soon to be expired batches.

Help in budget making

When making a budget using small business accounting software, the built-in features will help throughout the budgeting process. If expected expenses are exceeding the percentage reserved for special operations, it will be highlighted. A help box can guide you to manage expenses and income, according to the budget percentage. If the income is low and expenses are high, the guided help will lead you to make expenses accordingly. 

Taxation matters

Guided help boxes in small business accounting and bookkeeping also aid in tax matters. Income tax statements can be prepared. Value added tax can be deducted. A final picture of your taxation matter is made transparent using helpful features of accounting software.

Last date intimations

Using a software aids you in remembering last dates to pay taxes and make other payments. Small window boxes act as reminders or highlighted controls will be present in an accounting software to aid in the process of making payments and paying other liabilities.

Expense management

If the current expenses are going higher than expected in any kind of business operation, the guided help boxes will lead you to the point where you can actually check the exceeding expense record.

Web-based accounting

The above features are provided in software for small business accounting and bookkeeping. The same features and guided help boxes are also available in cloud-based accounting systems. Accounting can be done online and the same help and guided boxes are provided by the cloud-based accounting systems. You can access your accounting data from anywhere in the world.


Guided help boxes act as a useful guide for performing basic accounting functions by the users. In small business accounting software, these help boxes assist new users to perform accounting and bookkeeping tasks themselves. Accounting and bookkeeping are made easy and less time-consuming. 

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