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Planning Your Menu With Restaurant Inventory Management

The concept of restaurant inventory management is directly tied to planning your menu. Tracking inventory is one of the best ways to be efficient and cost-effective. It’s an ultimately crucial task that certifies and ensures supply. In the restaurant business, clientele satisfaction is important and every customer’s orders are met to the best of your […]

Why Manufacturers Should Adopt An Ecosystem Strategy

We live in a cyber era where the world is a global village and, with the help of science and technology, has created more opportunities for millions. With this increased productivity, the global economy has demands to be met and supplied. Supply chain commentary helps manufacturers use the latest means and methods with an effective […]

Cloud Hosting: Structuring A Paperless Filing Cabinet

Ah, the digital era. Technology has surpassed our expectations to give us wonderful innovations like software for office automation or IT systems like cloud hosting for increased productivity. The paperless filing cabinet is one aspect of cloud IT systems that makes life easier, not just for the trees but for staff too! By virtue of […]

The 411 On Starting A Manufacturing Business

Do you want to become a manufacturer and build your own manufacturing unit? Do you have finances to fund your manufacturing business?If you have the financial resources, the abilities to build a team, and the drive to run a product-oriented business, you must consider starting a manufacturing business. Manufacturing businesses can be small industrial units […]

What Are the Biggest Bookkeeping Challenges Small Businesses Face?

Accounting and bookkeeping are the key functions in any business. Small businesses face challenges in accounting and bookkeeping procedures. Accounting is the systemic and comprehensive recording of financial operations in a business. Business bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions as a part of the accounting process.Entrepreneurs and business owners often do not see that common […]

Can Employers Track Employees’ Online Activities

There is no denying the fact that most employees use their employer’s internet at work for personal use. Trust me! Millennials who have just stepped into the corporate sector can’t live without accessing the internet for their private use no matter how much their employers may warn them not to. They don’t give much thought […]

A Guide to Starting and Running a Home-Based Business

A home based business brings a lot of refreshing ideas to mind such as coffee breaks in the backyard, giving time to your kids in between tasks, nap time during breaks, and many more. All of these seem luxuries to a person of today’s era, especially if they are currently running a business somewhere far […]

Most Important Steps for Calculating Work in Process

Determining per unit cost may be taken as a very common aspect in the manufacturing industry, but it is no surprise that it has to be handled professionally. No matter what one may argue, calculating work in process requires utmost brilliance and perfection in technical accounting knowledge. Obviously, determining raw material, labor and overhead costs […]