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Project Based Organization and its Importance

Project-based organizations (PBO) are defined as firms that are simultaneously engaging in various projects. These projects are only offered to clients and are based on long-term association. However, there can be different types of project-based organizations. The problems associated with learning in the workplace reveal that training is not adequate. The need for the development […]

Micro and Macro Factors Impacting the Business Industry

Micro and macro environmental factors are those variables that lie within and outside the industry. They can affect the performance and production of any organization. All these factors should be considered and addressed properly by the superior management to run a smooth business while maintaining a peaceful internal and external environment of the organization. Micro […]

Successful Home-Based Business

A large number of people have started operating home-based businesses. According to research, more than 40% of businesses are home-based, and this percentage is steadily increasing. There are many benefits of running a home-based business, including:Less expenditure in renting or purchasing a workspaceLess expenditure on staffLess commute timeMany businesses can be run from home as […]

6 Ways to Re-Build Your Small Business After COVID-19

If you’re the owner of a small business or start-up, chances are you’re facing losses. The world is going through a major crisis ever since COVID-19 changed our lives forever. People are losing their loved ones, economies are being pushed into recession, employees suffer from pay cuts, and daily wagers fight for survival. Amidst all […]

Modern Management Accounting and its Implications

Modern management accounting and budgeting practices are considered essential tools to ensure the company’s efficiency.  However, certain limitations can be addressed while using traditional practices, which can negatively affect a company’s ability to achieve growth and enhance productivity. Therefore, certain amendments should be employed in the following practices to keep the business in pace with […]

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Bookkeeper

Accounting in a small business can be a challenge. Most of the time, small business owners wear many hats in the company, and when it comes to keeping the books, mistakes can be made, and data can fall through the cracks. Though there is lots of excellent bookkeeping software out there, at some point, most […]

Different Types of Bonds and Their Structure

Not every corporate bond is a traditional bond paying a fixed income at a fixed time interval before turning to money at precise maturity date. However, the bonds’ structure can differ in coupon intervals, coupon type, convertibility, redeemability, and a lot of other benefits. Below are the most important types of differences: Floating rate note […]

10 Reasons to Work from Home

Working full time comes with a lot of responsibilities. From dressing up nicely to being punctual, many things need to be considered when working in a professional environment. There is nothing bad about working from the office; in fact, there are several benefits to it as well. Fixed schedules, dedicated hours, and minimum breaks. But […]

Tips in Assisting You to Stretch Your Budget

As part of a financial management tool, the budget is considered a fundamental management tool. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance to plan for current expenses and the future by allocating income accordingly. It is always prudent and recommended for business owners to add a cushion or a buffer percentage to the existing budget […]