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More Americans Stashing Cash in Home Safes

Those who believe in investing in assets and stocks may find cash saving absurd. However, a recent survey revealed that nearly 43 percent of Americans actually prefer to keep their savings in cash. Interestingly enough, more than half of these Americans plan to stash their cash in secret home safes. On the surface, it might […]

Database Dilemma: Selecting the Best Database for Your Organization

In the world of internet security, virtualization of services such as storage for cloud computing is set as a high priority. Cloud computing, itself, for an IT infrastructure is the ability to use, for example, computing power and storage like databases or network assets. While it is a highly versatile solution offering almost-limitless benefits, it […]

4 Innovations of POS Systems in Retail

What Is a Point-of-Sale System?A POS or Point of Sale system is essentially a system that mixes and eases up the payment processes of a retail store. It is made up of a software that is usually used for recording all of the details of each sale as it occurs, all the while updating the […]

Tips to Help B2B Companies Beat Holiday Sales Slumps

For companies that are doing e-business or other business-to-business companies, the arrival of January is like a dropping down of their business. The decline in sales is so huge that it can be represented as a steep decline on a graph. The reason for this is that people have shopped enough before Christmas and the […]

The 8 Questions to Ask about Investment Fees

 A lot of hand wringing over such an undemanding proposition: When a financial expert gives you guidance regarding the life savings in your retirement account, that person must act in your top interest.It took quite a few years for this so-called fiduciary rule to achieve consent. And then, we have seen President Trump telling the Labor […]

Facilities Provided At a Drug Rehabilitation Center

Substance abusers receive primary care at a rehabilitation center for drug and alcohol abuse. A rehabilitation center has highly trained professionals who provide the best care to the substance abuser. These professionals are experts in dealing with various issues that alcohol and drug abusers deal with regularly. Treatment options are plenty. The treatment options are […]

IRS Audit Standards: How to Prepare to Meet Them

What You Should Know about Business Tax Audits Conducted by the IRS1. Most of these audits are conducted in person by the IRS. 2. These audits are very comprehensive and cover issues such as income tax, employment tax, and payroll tax. Proper preparation is crucial for the audit.3. The determination of the IRS agent is […]

Why You Must End Your Payroll Tax Problem Today

Past due payroll taxes can cause a lot of problems for you and your business. Because of the increased efforts to enforce tax compliance, there is a threat of your business being shut down and you being subject to penalties, criminal investigation, and tax debt.Smaller businesses have a higher chance of being subject to this […]

The Guide to Effective Budgeting Strategies

Budgeting is the procedure of generating a strategy to spend your money.  This expenditure design is called a budget. Producing this expenditure plan permits you to decide in advance whether you will have enough money to do the things you need to do or would like to do. If you don’t have enough money to do […]