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3 Benefits of Cloud-Based Accounting Tools for Small Business Owners

Small business owners who have recently stepped into the marketplace, which is raging with cut-throat competition, are actively seeking ways to improve their accounting methods to achieve a stronger footing. Technology has made the lives of many giants, like Walmart and JC Penny, effortless and convenient. Not only have they improved their vendor and distributor […]

4 Tips to Understand Budgeting For Millennials

Setting budgets, saving money, and regularly contributing a tiny portion of income to your retirement account can not just help you meet your financial emergencies but also allows you to secure a safe and healthy post-retirement life. It is true that saving money on a regular-basis is a tough job for most millennials as they […]

5 Key Financial Performance Indicators In Architecture

The key performance indicators of a company include quantitative measures that use an instrument for measuring the performance of the company. This performance indicator is used to identify the contribution of operational activities for attaining objectives and vision. Specifically, the key financial performance evaluates financial elements of a company for making a comparison with other […]

How To Determine Your Overhead Multiplier

Overhead MultiplierOverhead costs are costs that cannot be attributed directly (without artificial distribution) to a specific object (product, division, sales channel, region, customer, etc.). Thus, there is no absolute overhead. The classification of multipliers for direct and overhead is always relative to the selected object. For example, if several products are produced in the shop,  […]

How to Best Measure Cost as Percentage of Income in Restaurants

For restaurants, food costs are an essential component similar to bookkeeping records that will help you in making financial decisions for your restaurant. Restaurant owners usually do not calculate this metric for individual menu items because, for many, it is a time and energy consuming process. In order to calculate base food costs and keep […]

When to Register a Trademark for Your Business

A trademark typically protects brand names and logos used on goods and services. It is very important that a business owner choose and register a trademark which can be registered federally and protected legally. Though it is not obligatory to register a trademark federally, it has various benefits. The benefits include notification to the public […]

Cash Flow Management – A Top Concern of SME

Among the most crucial concerns of an SME, cash flow management is a major one. SME is a small or medium sized organization which employs less than 250 people who tend to produce a revenue of less than 20 Million Euro. Such enterprises have to face a number of strategic as well as tactical challenges […]

Assigning Expense Accounts to Tax Lines in QuickBooks

QuickBooks is an accounting software that allows you to manage and organize a wide range of accounting activities such as bookkeeping, the creation of financial statements, and much much more.In QuickBooks, accounts can be listed into different categories according to their nature, i.e. assets, liabilities, income, and expenses. Coming across a situation when you’d like […]

Pay Less, Earn More with a Home-Based Business

Working from home is becoming more mainstream because it is a good and cost-effective way of earning extra income every month. A home-based business is an excellent option for those who don’t want to continue their 9-5 job and want to test their business skills with a low-cost means.A business needs determination, patience, and perseverance. […]

The Advantages Of Using QuickBooks

When you hear “small-business bookkeeping software,” you possibly think of QuickBooks. Since Intuit launched its leading product over 20 years ago, the financial management platform has conquered the accounting software marketplace. Presently, QuickBooks software holds more than 80 percent of the small-business market share. If you’re exploring small-business accounting solutions, clearly QuickBooks is on top of […]