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There is no denying the fact that most employees use their employer’s internet at work for personal use. Trust me! Millennials who have just stepped into the corporate sector can’t live without accessing the internet for their private use no matter how much their employers may warn them not to. They don’t give much thought about the repercussions they might have to face like official warnings, limited internet access, lawsuits, or even loss of a job. All they want is to work in their own comfort zone without the fear of getting caught due to excessive internet usage at work. Tracking online activities in today’s era is not an alien job at all. All that you may need to do is keep the right tracking channel(s) in place for precise results.

Most People Use The Internet For Personal Use At Work

When it comes to mature and seasoned employees, they understand organizational policies and, perhaps, follow the code of conduct at work. They know that an excessive usage of the internet at work can lead to serious consequences and can be costly to their company. Obviously, when your attention is diverted to other less important things, there is a high possibility to get off-track and lose focus of the bigger picture which is the objective at hand. Still, the vast majority of employees feel reluctant to give up their bad habit of using the internet for private use at work. Employers have largely blamed excessive social media use and other online activities such as online gaming, online shopping, youtube, etc. for the main reasons for excessive internet use at work.

According to a study, more than 80% of employees around the globe access the internet for their own personal use. Out of which, only 3% have to face serious level repercussions for indecent acts like viewing pornography, gambling, and online betting during their working hours. This indicates that a vast majority of employees have no fear of losing their jobs whatsoever which encourages them to continue spending more hours on the internet for their personal use and less on work.

What Is Employee Monitoring?

Employee monitoring allows employers to track their employees’ activities and engagement levels with the company and other work-related tasks such as an employee’s productivity and efficiency. The employer can also track attendance and ensure security against potential threats and more.

Employee tracking and controlling have become the norm of the corporate sector. Employers who monitor their employees and keep a close eye on their online activities, perhaps through advanced tracking software or surveillance cameras, have more control over their workforce and job environment. Undoubtedly, technology has played a significant role in restricting employees to minimize their bad conduct which may lead to lethal consequences. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that everything employees do at work or on their office computer can be monitored or observed.

To What Extent Can Your Employer Watch Your Online Activities?

From internet and app usage to audio/video surveillance and bookkeeping to computer screen recording and downloads, your employers can watch everything you do in their office. Since you use your employer’s internet, companies can keep a record of everything that their employees do, 24/7. It’s safe to say that employers can monitor and observe 100% of employee activity and communication. Thanks to modern technology and advanced IT techniques that have made monitoring online activities possible up to the fullest. Although companies may not keep a focused eye on you every second of the day, surveillance cameras and recording devices keep the data backed up that can be searched anytime, if needed.

Quick piece of advice: Do not try to fool your employers by using their internet for your personal use. They can track whatever you do with their internet!

Does My Employer Have The Authority To Monitor My Computer – What Is The Law?

Courts have usually given companies the right to monitor their employees at work with security and surveillance cameras and other monitoring devices as long as the employee’s personal space, such as bathrooms and dressing rooms, are not invaded. When it comes to the monitoring of employees’ online activities, employers have the right to monitor everything since they own and provide every asset of the company such as office computers, internet service , sensitive information and much more.

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