Online accounting versus paper accounting. Accounting plays an integral role in every business. Transitioning to a paperless accounting department can save your company time and money, while increasing efficiency and security.

a frustrating set up of paper billing a calculator a sharp pencil and the left over change at the end of your billing ready to be tediously logged by had   New advancements in technology, such as the implementation of cloud storage and online tools, have transitioned small and large businesses into a more productive and efficient realm of doing business. Documentation of money flow and expenditure is necessary in every company for both organizational and legal reasons. By transitioning to paperless accounting and utilizing online accounting software, documentation of money flow and business expenses can now be done with enhanced security, organized cost and time efficiency and effortless accessibility. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

What do you want to be spending your time and money on as a business owner?

Say you’re a business owner, focused on the success of your company. However, you have all of these bookkeeping responsibilities, trying to keep track of your accounts, and business transactions. Accounting is necessary for the organization and success of every company. With that comes a new realm of expenses. Think ink, paper, scanners, mailing fees. Even more, paying employees to carry out this extra work. This is where thinking of transitioning online may come into play. Moving online bypasses time expenditure on things such as manually filling out paperwork, faxing, and mailing documents. Moreover, as companies grow larger, the amount of paperwork ultimately increases as ratios of transactions increase. This leaves more room for user error and human mistakes.

Looking at the benefits of cloud document management with an online accounting department

  • Efficiency – With the use of online accounting software, such as quickbooks, businesses will increase their efficiency. Accounting needs that regulate and analyze expenditure data are time consuming and require focused attention. Transitioning to online accounting is user- friendly. Online accounting algorithms do most of the work for you, and ultimately increase efficiency allowing you to focus on other important aspects of business.
  • Cutting costs – Thinking about going green? Is your company expanding and you seem to be drowning in constant paperwork? By utilizing online accounting and cloud document management, you can focus your efforts on the important issues of business, while saving on accounting expenditures. Simple accounting software and online tools allow you to address these needs without excess expenditure on physical items such as thousands of sheets of paper, printers and ink. Not only will you cut costs, you’ll be helping out the environment!
  • Enhanced Security  – By storing information on a secure cloud database, online accounting departments increase overall business security. Financial information and transactions are not stored in file cabinets, but are rather securely protected on private data networks. Gone are the days of paper shredders, or the fear of misplaced paperwork with important monetary information.
  • Virtual access – Don’t want to go into the office? On a business trip on another continent? With cloud documentation and online accounting departments you can access your data virtually. You don’t need to go into the office to file/fill out paperwork. Instead, stay in your comfy clothes- access/update/change your information from the comfort of your own home.

Where to start with online accounting

Know your accounting needs. Analyze expenditures and resource usage. By doing this, you can find what scale of online accounting software you need.

Future opportunities

Online accounting software will save your business money, putting focus and monetary value where it counts. Aside from security, efficiency and virtual access, online accounting software can make future projections for your business. By analyzing losses and profits, tracking expenditure trends and values, an online accounting department can provide insight into useful business practices and future business ventures. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers