Recovery Just Ahead
Drugs and drug addiction treatment can be a complex problem, especially for patients who do not wish to be treated or be screened for evaluations. The life of a professional is further complicated with the addiction manifesting itself as a non-existent problem for which there is no need for any care. Addiction itself directly impacts brain behavior and how its circuitry works. In other words, addiction is a brain disease which is curable upon the realization of the patient. It goes much farther than just compulsive drug abuse, it interferes with social matters and the general well-being of the person involved.

Drug addiction treatment is a complex process where the same is prescribed in accordance with the patient’s life. Effective treatments, however, use many mechanisms with each aimed at a part of the illness and its consequential results. The cure is solely crafted to aid the individual in repelling it with ease and with an effective long-term consistency or repetitive treatments. Here are the principles of effective drug addiction treatment that are the result of research, study and exhaustive investigation.

1. Drugs are mind controllers so treatment is complex but always treatable.

The human brain is a fragile organ that is severely affected by drugs and drug addiction. Its structure and functions are altered which aide drug use. This may explain why so many patients revert to abuse and risk relapse after extended periods of self-restraint knowing full well the depth of the damage and devastation such an act will cause.

2. No singular treatment is right for every patient.

Depending on the type of drug used and the patient’s personal history, treatment can vary. Corresponding treatment sets, involvement, and amenities to the person’s particular problems is vital to the success of the treatment so a lot of focus is kept on the personality and characteristics of the individual.

3. Availability of drug addiction treatment.

There is a lot of confusion in the mind of the patient about commencing treatment and when they are ready for it, it has to be readily available before they can change their mind. This is critical as many patients are lost when treatment wasn’t immediately available or accessible. As is the case with all diseases, the sooner treatment is administered, greater chances of success prevail.

4. Treatment has to be more than just about the patient’s drug abuse.

Treatment has to make the patient feel an improvement and to bring a willful transition from addiction to liberation. Effective drug addiction treatment is where the medicinal, mental, societal and professional ailments all are pointed out thoroughly and eradicated. The treatment has to be according to the patient’s age, gender, ethnicity, and culture.

5. Sufficient time is critically needed to remain in treatment.

Giving to the patient’s types of complications and requirements, sufficient and specific duration of time is needed for the treatment to work. Also, research has shown that a minimum of three months is needed, at least, to thwart their substance or drug abuse. Recovering from addiction can be a long and constant process.

6. Behavioral therapy is strongly recommended which is a most common form of drug addiction treatment.

From family members to friends, everyone is involved and collectively aimed at the betterment of the patient. The stimulus for change, proactive activities, brain games and other skills are used to bring about a positive change in the individual’s perception of life which ultimately leads to riddance of drug abuse.

7. Importance of Using Behavioral Therapies, Counseling, and Medications

Meds like Methadone and Naltrexone among many others, especially in their new long-acting formulas, are sometimes vital and essential for aiding patients with addiction to heroin or any other opioids. Other medications are also available for addictions of alcohol, marijuana, etc. so using them as a component of a drug addiction treatment along with therapy and counseling increases the chances of the person successfully kicking the addiction.

8. Mental disorders are prevalent among drug addicts and users.

Using drugs on a long-term basis bring about certain mental disorders, addiction is one of them, so assessment is required for other forms as well. Once all problems are identified and recognized, treatment should be aimed to eradicate all of them.

9. Detoxing is vital at the preliminary stage but of little value in the long run.

Detoxification helps patients come out of the grip of the drug and will manage physical withdrawal with drug addiction treatment producing effective long-term results but alone, detoxification is rarely sufficient. The real treatment comes after the detox phase which should be followed by encouraged drug treatment.

10.    Effective treatment isn’t always voluntary.

Incentives or authorizations from family, friends, workplace, or the law helps see more people walking into treatment centers. Also, this can aid in retention rates and lead to the success of drug treatment interventions.

11. Continuous monitoring is needed while in treatment as lapses will occur.

Keeping a tag and knowing where the patient’s whereabouts are, even after treatment, can help the doctors in seeing a powerful incentive of staying away from drug usage. This, along with drug addiction treatment, will also enable them to resist temptation and thus positively affect the patient. It also helps in finding out early if anyone has returned to usage and proceeded accordingly.

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