Subject: A friendly bank teller working in a retail bank.
It is the aim of every business owner to open a bank account with a business-friendly branch that is in their area and fits the individual’s and company’s banking needs and requirements.

Choosing the right bank for your banking needs is certainly an overwhelming process that requires you to look at various banking applications. Normally, the banks that are near your office should be shortlisted for a detailed banking review. A banking review generally revolves around the type of services you require and how much they cost. Every business -regardless of size, type and location – has different banking needs and priorities. Certain banks specialize in different types of services and financial transactions, which ultimately becomes their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Depending on your banking needs, most prefer to choose banks that can offer incentives and privileges, which will help maintain a smooth financial control.

Know Your Banking Needs

No matter what, your bank has to be business-friendly if you expect to witness continuous growth and prosperity in your business. Banks largely differ in the financial tools, products, and services they offer to businesses. When there are so many banking options and choices, you need to evaluate all of your shortlisted banks sensibly, in terms of their performance, consistency, and provision of unique banking services. Businesses often have greater banking needs, which encourage business owners to make a strategic partnership (open a business account) with the bank that fits their evolving business needs. Once you have a clear picture of what your banking needs are, only then can you shop around for a financial institution.

Compare and Contrast Features

There are various banking services that business-friendly banks usually offer… Basic services such as checking account, credit card, online banking, deposit-only card, business savings account, discounted employee checking account… Lending services such as SBA loans, lines of credit, term loans, equipment leasing, and commercial real estate. Moreover, business-friendly banks offer cash management services such as merchant services, wholesale lockbox, wire transfers, import/export licensing and financing, financial bookkeeping reporting, insurance, payroll, retirement, 401k or IRA accounts, discounts on hotels, shipping, office supplies, and more. If you have specific business needs and requirements, you can compare and contrast banking features prior to selecting your bank. In addition, compare and contrast banking fee structures as they play a predominant role in selecting the right type of business-friendly bank.

Size Matters, Especially For Lending

It is no easy task to borrow money from a bank, especially if you are a first-timer. At some point in your entrepreneurial career, you are going to need money, perhaps for sustaining the growth of your business. This is a point where you need to be very careful and pay close attention to details. Entrepreneurs usually lack wisdom and creative techniques used to borrow money from banks. They need to play sensibly in order to win the right amount from the bank under favorable conditions. Only a business-friendly bank can be transparent about their rules and policies and will have little or no unforeseen fees and charges. This is what sets a business-friendly bank apart from other banks. Bigger banks have a higher reputation and trust which is the reason why most entrepreneurs and business owners prefer to open a business account in a reputed bank as size and worth of the bank matters!

Remember To Reevaluate

Don’t forget to review your bank periodically as you may not get the quality of services you’re getting today in the future. It is also often seen that banks change their policies on certain borrowing or lending options and services regularly, which leave customers confused. At any point, if you get a negative vibe about your bank and feel like your bank is tricking you with unforeseen fees, consider taking your business elsewhere. Why? Because it may no longer be business-friendly!

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