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Fear, insecurity, and self-doubt are the natural feelings people face when they think about the idea of starting something new. It’s a terrifying feeling, to say the least. Entrepreneurs of all stages and kinds face some sort of inner-resistance.

Such resistance is not limited to new businesses. In fact, anything significant that requires you to break out of a mold confronts inner-resistance. Fear is a natural response to a threat, not limited to humans. Every species on the face of our earth experience some kind of fear – that’s how we evolve. Fear creates real change in our mind and body. It can force us to run away, go into hiding, and bring a stop to our actions. Fear is not always visible, often it surfaces in shape of confrontation and, at times, in the form of avoidance or procrastination. It is important to identify fear and not mix it with other feelings.

As an entrepreneur, the pressure doesn’t come from only the ‘fear of the unknown’, but pressure from peers and investors also plays its part. However, the most prominent pull comes from the challenge of proving it to yourself. It is often said that a good entrepreneur is one who constantly proves themself wrong.

Below we have identified some key ways to counter some of the biggest hurdles that come our way when we plan on starting something new.

1. Set Realistic Targets – then Overlook your Hidden Perfectionist

If we look for one thing in common among all of the entrepreneurs who made it to the top, we will find that their ability to set goals sets them apart. In the words of Benjamin Franklin, “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”

Planning comes from setting realistic goals, not that you want to be a millionaire – that’s not a goal, it’s a wish. Start by finding out your business’s ultimate objective. Then, go on dividing it into smaller achievable chunks that can serve as stepping stones. Most entrepreneurs are considered perfectionists; you have to understand that not everything needs to be perfect. Throughout your journey, you will pick up a lot of ideas that will bring you closer to perfection – but for that, you need to start doing. Also, Bookkeeping is a good habit; establish it from day one to effectively measure your progress.

2. The Constructive Attributes of Fear

Remember, fear allowed us to evolve so it can’t be all bad. Fear is a survival instinct. Our natural fears are rudimentary. We fear to fall. We fear deafening sounds. These are deep-rooted responses that prepare us for something perilous. So, how does fear help in business? Nurture it and use it to identify sensitive points which can put the existence of your business in danger. Once fear points are identified, develop your business plan around it. The key thing here is balance and that’s not limited to fear only. Everything we do instinctively serves a purpose. Find that purpose and use it to your own benefit.

3. Find your Ideal

Think of someone who you admire in your related field. Once you’ve identified that person that ceaselessly inspires you, you will discover certain examples from their experiences that match your needs. This will bring much-needed motivation and we all need motivation – a motivation that is based on facts and not on soft dialogues.

Look for yourself in other successful entrepreneurs because there is always ‘One’ like you. Learn from their experiences and mistakes.

4. Where there’s a will, there’s a way

It’s crucial to understand that when setting off on a new endeavor, failure isn’t the end. You don’t fail in business, either you succeed or you learn. Some of the most successful business owners have failed enterprises in their past, but that fact didn’t dim their success. If anything, it made success a lot sweeter.

Moreover, from our experience, we can tell you with 100% surety that there is no other way to learn than to learn on the job. If you are planning to wait for a perfect moment or when you’re totally comfortable, then you will never start.

Uncomfortable is good. Embrace it, love it, nurture it. It pushes you to be better and flames your inner hunger to learn. If you’re easily content, you will be left behind real quick. So don’t dread the fear, use it to bring out the best possible version of your business and yourself.

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