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Fixing things has never been easy, especially when they are totally messed up. When things reach this point with a business’ bookkeeping records, they have two options to decide the fate of the business. 1. Close down the business and file for bankruptcy if it’s a corporation. or 2. Uplift the image of the company from scratch with several revitalization strategies.

Why do Most Businesses Fail to Manage their Business Books?

Being an entrepreneur, you may be more excited about establishing your business and less excited about managing its back-office operations. Every entrepreneur starts out with the best of intentions to make their business successful, which hopefully will bring significant gains in return eventually. Quite too often, front-office responsibilities and busy schedules cause back-office tasks, such as bookkeeping and accounting, to fall to the back-burner. This creates a lot of problems for the business. You certainly can’t expect to put your business on the right track and earn significant gains if you lack the financial wisdom to tackle important aspects of business such as filing tax returns, debt repayments, financial forecasting, projections and more…

Bookkeeping may be an intimidating task for entrepreneurs. However, now they have so many options to manage their business books with online accounting services, automated software, etc. Since most start-ups and entrepreneurs lack the expertise to handle back-office operations, business accounting consultancy services can employ the best practices, tools, and techniques to provide a clear snapshot of cash flow and finances for better decision making. Gone are the days when businesses tended to avoid acquiring such services as they lacked professional audits and accountability, along with concealment of sensitive information. Now businesses have not only developed a faith in these companies but consider them a pivotal tool for their start-up’s success.

First Thing First—Hire a Professional Accountant to Balance Out Business Books

Back-office tasks of every business are complicated as they involve tax requirements, debt repayments, financial reporting and forecasting, vendor invoicing, management and other similar things. So, the first thing that must be done when the business books become redundant is hiring a professional accounting professional who will fix things for you. Getting a business out of crises, especially when it is embroiled in financial distress, is extremely difficult. Therefore, only a person with relevant skills and profound accounting knowledge can lift the business out of turmoil. This further intensifies the need for hiring a qualified and seasoned accounting and bookkeeping expert.

Separate Your Personal and Business Account

Studies show that most start-ups fail because they don’t keep their personal and business accounts separate. This means that, prior to filing tax returns and debt repayments, you will have to go through messy business books in order to find the correct amounts. By keeping your personal and business accounts separate, you will get a clear picture of your finances and cash flow, which means you will be able to tally all the sources of income and expenses.

Track Every Expense Incurred

You need to label and categorize each and every expense incurred in the past and make a comprehensive plan to deal with tax and debt-related requirements. Therefore, you must record every single transaction if you expect to avoid unnecessary income taxes. Sole proprietors can afford to record financial transactions manually, but corporations can’t afford to conduct such practices. Hence, they must use accounting software with a suitable capacity to record and track all sources of income and expenditures for better decision making.

Reconcile Your Business Books

At the end of the day, it is all about achieving a right strategic fit and balancing out your finances. You need to reconcile your business books with actual spending and expenses incurred for getting your business on the right track. Getting out of crises is not easy at all, especially when your business is at stake. Although reconciliation will likely take a lot of time, hiring a seasoned accountant and employing the best accounting practices, software and techniques, you can face-lift the image of your company and perhaps give an all new positive image to your company. Reviewing your finances and business books at least once a quarter can help you determine the financial health of your business for making better financial and business decisions.

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