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What to Spend and What to Save: 5 Helpful Hints

Money can be a difficult thing to deal with, especially if you are an impulse buyer. All those who fall prey to impulse purchases can relate to the dilemma of figuring out what to spend and what to save. Impulse buying is frequent among individuals who are looking to satisfy their wants beyond just basic […]

What is the Role of Budgets & Performance Reports?

Various management tools are used by businesses to ensure that their business functions run smoothly. These tools are quite efficient in doing what they are supposed to do and offer business owners key insights into their financial information and business processes. Budgets are one of the most common financial tools that are used by businesses […]

What is Loan Amortization and How Does it Work?

Loan amortization means paying off your balance over time through regular payments distributed over a certain period of time. The term is generally associated with paying off loans, however, amortization has wider applications in accounting terms and can be applied to a wide range of balances. Each monthly payment for your home or auto loan […]