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Employee embezzlement is a common occurrence in every type of business. This unethical practice is causing companies to lose a significant chunk of revenues and annual profits. Studies found that trusted employees steal from a company more often than newcomers. Moreover, companies lose a staggering 8% of annual revenues and profits due to employee theft […]
Doing business in other states is known as a foreign qualification. It can actually be quite confusing. It may sound like an international concept, but “foreign” doesn’t mean anything outside of the United States when it comes to U.S. corporations and limited liability companies (LLCs). It’s really about operating domestically in the U.S., but outside of the […]
Transaction Cost EconomicsTransaction cost economics is one of the leading linear models that explains what can be outsourced and what can’t. The model tries to clarify why firms exist and set their boundaries. The main idea of free markets suggests that the supply and demand drives the prices of goods and services which is referred […]