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If you happen are a business owner, you know how busy and fully occupied your day can be with overlooking your business operations. There is so much to be done and numerous things to be looked after. With the tasks that need to be fulfilled and your clients demanding your attention, the last thing you […]
In a survey conducted by Forrester Consulting, nearly 250 IT leaders and experts shared their concern regarding cloud computing transparency. It is an issue that largely remains unanswered despite the prevalence of cloud technologies and improvement in cloud security and performance over the past decade. According to the survey, a lack of cloud transparency can […]
Following a myriad of financial issues and compliance risks, it has become a necessity to adopt a proactive approach to billing procedures in a medical office and healthcare industry, in general. In an attempt to revamp healthcare industry revenues and reduce patients’ costs, effective billing procedures may be introduced and these will be discussed in […]