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Financial dashboards for businesses are essential for evaluating daily business operations on a regular basis. Financial dashboards guarantee to keep the business on the right track. It is one of the most vital elements of any business. Businesses may use various techniques to invest in a proficient financial management program to ensure that the best practices for proper inventory management are followed.

Financial management is a major part of any business’s supply chain management, manufacturing, customer relations and every business activity. The stock inventory management aims to have the correct products available for sale. Tracking inventory in real time is effective in streamlining the entire operations process.

The dashboards help the business to have the correct products available at the right time. It prevents out of stock products and funds from being tied up in surplus stock. Moreover, stock inventory management helps your business ensure that all products are sold in time to prevent spoilage. It also saves millions.

Benefits of a Financial Dashboard

Financial dashboards provide a complete and detailed overview of an income statement with net profit, revenue, and other relevant performance ratios. Each dashboard represents four crucial financial indicators such as the operating profit, net profit margin, OPEX ratio, and gross profit margin.

The revenue is found in determining the selling price by calculating the total cost of goods sold without including details considering any other taxes and expenditures. The dashboards allow businesses to consider certain costs associated with their operations on a daily basis for bookkeeping.

One of the main metrics for these dashboards is the inclusion of income before interest and taxes or EBIT. The dashboards consider calculating all expenses and costs before interests; then the applicable taxes are included in the overall cost to determine net profit.

Calculation of Gross Profit Margin by Dashboard

The Gross Profit Margin for any business is essential for determining the total sales percentage with the revenue that remains after the bookkeeping of all direct costs with goods and services. The gross profit margin is useful in estimating how much the company has to invest, determines spending on research and development, and how effectively they can contribute towards earning a profit.

Top 3 Financial Dashboards for Your Business

Entrepreneurs are preoccupied with daily business operations and, often, they do not have sufficient time left for handling their finances. Many financial dashboards are available to help business owners effectively handle their finances. Most dashboards offer easy to read charts with colorful graphics. The most effective step for start-ups is to use online dashboards that help them track their finances as they are unable to hire an expert bookkeeper to manage business finances.

Here are some affordable business dashboards that will determine how to handle the finances of any business.


inDinero was launched in 2010. This financial dashboard is suitable for start-ups. inDinero gathers all business transactions from the bank history as well as credit cards details and other financial documents are efficiently organized. The business owner does not need to spend hours in data entry. Just save the account number and bank information and it automatically categorizes transactions. Some of the categories of transactions are:

  • Advertising
  • Payroll
  • Dining and refreshments
  • Another spending for every month
  • Accounting reports


BodeTree was introduced as a financial dashboard in 2011 in partnership with Intuit, the company that launched QuickBooks. BodeTree relies on QuickBooks to assess different financial information from those who rely on QuickBooks for bookkeeping. It needs to be connected to the QuickBooks account. Once the connection is complete, it categorizes and generates a breakdown of all activities and expenses associated with each operation.

The BodeTree dashboard is named after the legendary Bodhi Tree, where the Buddha reached nirvana. Similarly, the dashboard will be able to determine a benchmark for the business depending on their algorithm based on the transaction and expenses history.


The Corelytics financial dashboard was launched in 2005; this dashboard works by importing all of the financial information associated with the business. It gathers information from different accounting programs including Sage, PeachTree, MYOB, and QuickBooks, among others, for the financial dashboard. After all of the information from each accounting platform is collected, Corelytics will get to work by categorizing every metric. These metrics, once generated, can monitor every transaction. Some of the metrics are:

  • Expenses
  • Gross margin
  • Revenue
  • Receivables
  • Owner compensation
  • Profits

Financial dashboards allow setting goals and objectives for each of the metrics above. The Corelytics financial dashboard highlights every single metric with different colors. The colors determine when each metric is not performing according to the standards of the business. This financial dashboard is one of the most useful for every business. It comes with a mobile application, allowing the business owner to monitor the activities on the move for better bookkeeping. It also won the Showcase award for the best dashboard.

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