One of the books I read early in my entrepreneurial journey was The Art of the Start by Guy Kawasaki. He talks about the importance of a business being founded upon an idea that ‘make’s meaning’ in people’s lives. That has always stuck with me and ‘making meaning’ remains my goal and most fulfilling reward as an entrepreneur. My current venture, Complete Controller, was born from a client’s request for access to my level of accounting expertise for his concerns nationwide. To solve his problem, we created a hosted accounting desktop, long before the ‘cloud’ was a prolific and accepted business environment, so he could access our work and interact with the books and records regardless of his location. We made meaning for him and he brought us our first round of clients that fed our growth and development. As I developed processes for performing the bookkeeping and reporting services remotely, I became enamored with the luxury of being paid for my work product rather than my hours. Meanwhile, I wasn’t diluting my effective hourly rate by commuting to serve my client base. This made meaning in my life as I was finally positioned to be free to serve my clients without sacrificing presence at home with my three beautiful little girls! As the word got around that we could provide bookkeeping services at a fraction of the price of traditional methods because we were work product centric, more and more businesses asked for our service because that savings made meaning to them. When their tax preparers reviewed the books and needed someone to talk with about transactional structure, financial management, and ongoing maintenance, our accounting teams were accessible and knowledgeable. So the experience was much more fulfilling than in prior years when they only had their clients to interact with about the bookkeeping and records. This really made meaning to them and it made good sense to encourage their other clients to work with us as well. What do I love about being an entrepreneur? That through my business I can make meaning in all of these people’s lives in a very real way.