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Sober Homes for a Better Life

Families are looking for different ways to help their loved ones curb their addiction to drugs, alcohol and other substances. Sober living homes are an ideal way for recovering addicts to be free from their dependence and addiction to various substances. These sober homes have a contributive environment that helps victims of addiction spend their time productively.

Sober homes for victims of addiction must adhere to specific rules and regulations while residing in one of these homes. The essential rule of all such homes is to remain sober during the entire period of their stay. By living in such an environment, addicts can learn to stay sober as it helps victims of drugs and alcohol addiction to adjust to their new life with a structured and stable home.

Difference between Sober Home and Rehabilitation Center

Living in a sober home is a great way to step into a life of recovery. It is one of the best ways to go through the transition from a rehabilitation center to an independent resident without depending on alcohol or drugs.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) conducted a survey in the US and it indicated that 1 out of 12 people at least 12 years old or older suffer from substance abuse. Experts consider addiction as a brain disease that requires proper treatment in a rehabilitation center.

Rehabilitation centers provide the necessary treatment needed to help the drug addict quit their addiction. The primary aim of a rehabilitation center is to overcome the addiction as well as other psychological issues associated with addiction. Rehab centers are helpful in getting the patient through the painful withdrawal stage. Experts working at a drug or alcohol rehabilitation center aim to use different therapies and medications to treat addiction and its underlying symptoms.

On the other hand, sober homes are different from rehabilitation centers in many ways. Sober homes offer more long term treatments to help the victims of drug addiction. The recovery experience is much more extensive and it provides freedom to the residents to engage in productive activities.

Many sober living homes require its residents to follow structured rules. Many homes do not allow residents to stay out late after a specific time in the evening. Some homes make it is mandatory for their residents to have a job. All of these measures ensure that the person in recovery has an effortless and smooth transition from a life of alcohol or drug dependence to a new healthy life.

Responsibility To Handle Different Tasks

Residents living in sober homes must be responsible for their actions while they are staying at one of the sober homes for addicts. This is one of the essential recovery options because addiction can force people to be irresponsible in their actions. Irresponsible behavior by the drug abuser damages relations with their families. Sober homes for victims of addiction help addicts rebuild their lives and relationships for a fresh start.  For rebuilding a new life, sober homes are the best choice to do so.

Residents Pay their Own Rent

Sober homes can help drug and alcohol abuse victims be responsible by asking them to pay their own rent. This is one of the important phases in the transition from a life of dependence to an independent, responsible life. Paying rent and the cost of their own food helps the participants turn their lives around.

Rules at a Sober Living Home

Rules at sober living homes depend on the management of each home. However, specific set rules that are common for different sober homes is that residents are required to obey bedtime curfews, remain sober, and they must refrain from engagements where the presence of drugs or alcohol is possible. 

Sober living homes for recovering addicts help residents have a glimpse of how their life is going to be after they leave the sober home. Even if the residents are participating in society, they are required to submit regular urine and blood samples to ensure that they remain drug-free.


Sober homes offer a chance for drug or alcohol addicts to lead a healthy life without the use of harmful substances. It helps them in the recovery process and it helps in avoiding a relapse. Families and friends are encouraged to support their loved ones in the difficult transition phase. Sober homes bring much-needed confidence to drug or alcohol addicts. These homes are extremely beneficial in dealing with other social issues of the addict as well and are an overall wise and healthy choice for those entering into recovery.

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drug addiction treatment - Complete Controller

Apart from saving a patient from drug abuse, drug addiction treatment aims to enhance a patient’s status socially, economically, and ethically. Research has proven that people who opt for treatment for an extended time have a higher chance of returning to normality. Treatment is as effective as a treatment for any other chronic disease such as asthma, high blood pressure, or diabetes.  However, it is essential to point out that individual treatments can vary conditionally to various factors. The complexity of the patient’s addiction, the ability of the drug addiction treatment to address the problem, and a patient’s willingness to process can influence the effectiveness of the treatment. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers

The Other Side

Many treatments promise to bring about a change in your life. If you have been unsuccessful in attaining permanent sobriety after rehab, perhaps after wasting thousands of dollars, you are not alone. It’s probably not your fault. Among millions of drug addicts, only 1 in 10 can attain a drug addiction treatment and, due to the poor execution of drug prevention methods, might fall into relapse.

The reason for relapse is due to the use of outdated prevention methods, rather than focusing on the techniques developed by careful scientific research and proven stats. A report published by the National Centre on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Colombia University has treatment providers who do not have the expertise to offer a full range of services. It has been unfortunate to see the under-use of many scientifically proven therapies, which could change many people who opt for rehab.

Types of Drug Addiction Treatment

There are different treatment programs for every case which can be customized based on the specific needs of an individual. For treatment to be effective, it must actively involve the participants as they must be on the same page. Inpatient rehab is a structured program that cares for patients during their addiction and recovery process in a systematic environment. Outpatient rehab offers the same services as an inpatient but allows the patient to go home for recovery. They are allowed to lead a healthy life while attending weekly scheduled sessions.

Let’s now look at some of the standard drug addiction treatment methods and their effectiveness. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Methadone is a synthetic opioid used for treating addiction to heroin, pain medications, and other opioids. It works by blocking the euphoric properties of the drug and reducing the cravings and withdrawal symptoms. It usually comes in the form of a pill but can also be administered in liquid form. An opioid treatment plan registered with the Drug Enforcement Administration must be used as guidance to manage the drug only at a hospital or a rehab facility.


Methadone drug addiction treatment rate is the ‘gold standard’ for treating opioid addictions. It has been reported as a safe treatment plan if used as prescribed. However, it can show addictive properties if abused. The treatment should be a part of a comprehensive treatment plan and psychological assistance for maximum effectiveness. Compared to other similar treatments such as placebo, patients treated with methadone are four times more likely to continue the treatment and produce 33% lower opioid positive drug tests.


Naltrexone is a recommended treatment for heroin and morphine addicts who also suffer from alcohol abuse. It works by blocking opioid receivers, thus reducing the drug craving. This blockage is a milder drug addiction treatment compared to methadone and has no addictive properties. Any prescriptive license holder can administer it. Check out America's Best Bookkeepers


Naltrexone has been successful in reducing the chance of a relapse in a patient. However, there has not been enough research on the long-term effects of this treatment. Patients who have been treated by Naltrexone can face potentially life-threatening situations if reintroduced to opium or its alternatives. In case you are using any other opium treatment drug, you must wait 7-10 days before starting with Naltrexone treatment.

Behavioral Treatment

This treatment focuses on changing the addictive behaviors by changing their perceptions about their own lives and everything that surrounds them. By reinforcing relationships and healthy hobbies, patients get rewards, which boosts their self-esteem. These patients must develop enough self-confidence so that they can analyze their life choices critically. Through cognitive behavior therapy, their quality of life enhances. They can cope with stressful situations in their life.


The effectiveness of behavioral drug addiction treatment measures by the skillset of the patient to deal with critical situations in their life. For maximum efficiency, behavioral treatment is recommended, along with administrative therapy in a controlled and monitored environment.


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