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Debt is the amount of money received from a lender to invest in a business to finance it’s operations. If paying the debt back is not prioritized in small business, it will keep on piling up and become a serious threat to your company. The debt will become unmanageable and can result in the insolvency of your small business.

Tips for Digging Your Small Business out of Serious Debt

1.  Cut unnecessary costs and free up cash

Keep a strict check and balance on the expenses going on in your business. Do not sign any reimbursement application before double checking the purpose, date, and invoice number.

Eradicate unnecessary expenses in your business. For example, if your advertising is costing you too much, then consider using social media and directly interacting with your potential customers as a way to lessen the cost.

Cut expenses in your business so that you can dig your small business out of it’s serious debt.

2.  Consolidate your loans

Serious debts in small business often result in cash flow problems which will further enhance their debts. Small business owners take more debt on interest to pay back their previous debt. Small business owners can refinance their business by consolidating the debt they have taken. They will have to pay back the debt on a monthly basis and they are given the relaxation of years to pay back a small amount every month. Making monthly payments means you will have to reserve a smaller amount of cash for debt payback every month. This will not generate a cash flow problem in your company and this can allow you to take more loans for debt payments and other business operations.


3.  Think productively about increasing income

Debt counselors often suggest finding means to bring in more money in your business to eradicate the debt-payment liabilities from your business once forever. Find ways to increase income. You can seek out options to work overtime for the time being while the company is in debt. 

Liquidating high-value assets can be done as a last resort but, still, it provides an option for paying the debt in time. You can sell a valuable asset of your business which is not in use or is not a part of the capital investment.

You can ask investors to bring in more money to grow your business and pay back the loan faster for digging your company out of serious debt.


4.  Prioritize debt payments

Paying the debt must be your first priority. You can hold onto certain expenses. You can hold some personal facilities for you in your business. Inventory should be managed. You can delay payments of your purchases until the date it is due as long as  you pay in time. All of this has to be done in the process of digging your company out of serious debt with those high interest rates that can kill any company.

5. Revisit the budget

If the debt continues to build, then it possibly means that the company’s existing budget is not actually working out. Cut down on the expenses that are not vital in your company. Always keep the money for your monthly payment of the debt. Do not use this money for any other purchase. Otherwise, the debt with interest will keep piling up. Manage your inventory. Do not purchase extra stock.


6.  Drop credit cards

Credit card use in your company also means that your business is delaying payments of the expenses. Try using cash, when available.  And, if the cash is not available, avoid over-spending. Do not use credit cards while you are in the process of digging your company out of serious debt. Credit cards are also a means of unnecessary purchases at certain times.


Serious debt on your small business is the debt you had taken earlier in the company’s history that continues to pile up. Reasons can be that the debt on your company produced cash flow problems and you had to take more debt. The interest on debt kept increasing along with the loans taken. This piling up of serious debt can result in the insolvency of your small business. Use the above tips for digging your company out of serious debt.

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